Pericles and his card

7 November 2019Οι Ήρωες Μας

The first time Pericles met his go for EAT card, he had different emotions. At first, Pericles was angry because he thought he should get phones and read directions. But when he realized that it was a simple and easy service, Pericles was happy, downloaded our app and… it didn't take long to buy the first souvlaki with his go for EAT card!

The truth is, he didn't believe how he would handle our Up Hellas application. He was convinced that it will be confusing and difficult.

A few minutes later, he created his account and now he has the complete control of his card. Even today, he smiles every time he gets a push notification.

A few months later, Pericles was using go for EAT everywhere! So, in summer he was afraid that some stores will not accept our card.

But go for EAT is accepted at 400,000 focal points across Greece. Every focal point that accepts Mastercard transactions also accepts our card!

Pericles traveled with his card, used the map through the app and bought a lot of ice creams and coffees in various places of Greece.

Now, Pericles and go for EAT always go together!

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