The top Up moments for 2019!

23 December 2019Σχετικα Με Εμάς

2019 was definitely a special year for us. We have many and important moments to remember. The most important was the launch of go for EAT card! But of course, that wasn't enough. So just before welcoming 2020, we also unveiled our new unique UpFit digital service!

But let's get to the most Up moments for 2019!

> January 23 - Go for EAT is a fact!

This moment was one of the most important starting points for us. With the launch of go for EAT, we have begun our journey to the digital experience. Our card along with the application paved the way for the most up-to-date, simple and easy services, we offer to our corporate clients.

It was a very demanding project but the results so far have been very positive. Go for EAT cardholders enjoy every transaction and our app provides them with complete control over their card. Now, with the addition of HeroCorp the fun has no limits.

> February 20th - Mission Delicious is released!

Our sales document, Mission Delicious, brought our Heroes to life. Pericles, Artemis, Niki and of course Intruder became part of our daily lives.

We got superpowers and revealed our fun side!

See more about our most enjoyable project here!

> May 28 - Our new site is up!

Our heroes steal the show from our site! But for us, the most important is our blog.

From here we can communicate everything we want, share with you our news and unfold our… literary talent!😝

> October 31- UpFit, our new unique digital service

Our new UpFit digital service is a unique privilege that it will certainly make a difference!

UpFit is the most versatile sports membership on the market! 1 app = gain immediate access to a lot of sporting activities all over Greece and a few other countries!

We already have well over 150 gyms enrolled representing over 35 different activities in Greece alone.

Find out more about our new service here!

> November 19 - HeroCorp the ultimate reward program!

HeroCorp is our ultimate loyalty solution!

The idea is surprisingly simple: with purchases from selected merchants, you will receive an immediate cashback to your account. **The more our Heroes shop, the more they earn.**HeroCorp may have only been in operation for a month, but it already seems to be a huge trend. We are pretty much doubling the rewards each week. It’s growing. IT’S SPREADING!

Find out more about our new service here!

2020 is just a few days away and we are ready to say goodbye to 2019 - a truly significant year for us - and welcome the New Year.

We are ready for more Up moments!

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