Welcoming Pita Pan to our HeroCorp cashback programme

9 March 2020HeroCorp

Pita Pan has been added to our HeroCorp cashback programme, which means that all of our go for EAT cardholders will get instant cashback every time they shop at any Pita Pan location 🚀

Pita Pan is operating since 1993 and offers high quality, affordable and tasty meals. We are extremely happy that they have been added to our HeroCorp merchants partner network.

Lefteris Korakis, operations manager of Pita Pan, talked to us about our new collaboration and the benefits he anticipates through HeroCorp:

"It is our great pleasure that we are part of Up Helas' HeroCorp programme, as we are anticipating an increase of go for EAT cardholders visiting our shops. Up’s promotional actions, as well as our focus to high quality and great customer service, will help towards that goal. We believe that, nowadays, synergies like this one are essential and that both customers and businesses can benefit from these.”

He also explained why he believes that HeroCorp is important as a way to reward go for EAT cardholders who are choosing Pita Pan for their meals:

“HeroCorp is increasing in a smart way the purchasing power of go for EAT cardholders, without them changing their habits and without losing out on the quality and the services they are being offered. Just like that, in our shops as well from now on, go for EAT cardholders will be able to enjoy our high quality products, in our anyway affordable prices, with the extra benefit of instant cashback to their card. I think that the above is the definition of "getting the best of both worlds”…”

HeroCorp is the first programme in Europe offering instant cashback to a corporate meal card. Our cardholders are loving it and this shows from the fact that that they are increasingly coming back to the same shops 😍

Just in February 776€ were returned to our go for EAT cardholders!

Soon HeroCorp will be incorporated into our app and our cardholders will be receiving targeted ads from their favourite members our merchants network!

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