Interview with Bastien

23 May 2019Σχετικα Με Εμάς

Bastien Agnes is Managing Director of Up Hellas since the start of Up's business in our country. So, it's the best person to talk to us about what Up Hellas has achieved until now, the goforEAT experience and the future ...

- What are you most proud of since the creation of Up Hellas?

That’s easy: The Up team - and by far! They always keep amazing me with new ideas, working hard for each other, constantly smiling…

Everything Up does in Greece, we could never have done without them.

- What about the GoForEAT experience, I am sure there is a story there

Isn’t there always a story :). I think how we built the GoforEAT experience is key to its success, and you know what? It’s a co-constructed team solution!

We started by testing the current solutions available in Greece and abroad. Each team member received various products to test and use. I strongly believe that to understand an experience, you must live it, you can’t just see it or have someone tell you about it.

After that, we all sat down for a 2 day off site event where we envisioned the ideal solution, where we designed the absolute best customer experience. This is where we chose those 2 key words that describe the Up Experience: Simple and fun!

From then, it was just simple ;). The more customers we visit, the more cardholders we talk to, the more we know we made all of the right choices!

- What are you working on for the future?

Oh, I won’t share everything here! We will continue to invest in Greece mainly on:

Merchant services: We are applying the finishing touches of a key area for Up: our relationship with our network of merchants (tavernas, restaurants, cafes, bakeries…). We believe that what we have imagined for them will bring some major changes to the Greek market.

Apart from that, our corporate clients can expect some more simplicity and our cardholders some more fun. ☺

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