The characteristics of a good salesperson - Stella's tips

12 May 2022Up Stories
The characteristics of a good salesperson - Stella's advice

They say that you are born a salesperson, you don’t become one. You just have it or not... However, there are only few good salespersons. They are the so-called "talents" that companies are looking for, they are the sellers who can sell any item or service given to them. They are the salespersons that companies don't want to lose.

But what features should a good salesperson have?

Below we will see some main features that, in my opinion, I think are necessary for a person who deals with this very stressful, but at the same time creative, beautiful world of sales.

  1. Active listening!!! How difficult is it to listen actively? Research shows that when someone talks to us, we don’t listen to them, since while they are talking, we are thinking about the answer we will give. By listening actively-essentially to the customer we will be able to understand what his needs are and give the appropriate solution. We will understand which "hurts" as we say in the world of sales.
  2. Understanding and exploring the customer's needs. Getting into a dialogue, the salesperson should ask the appropriate questions so that she/he can understand what the customer really wants and guide him appropriately. She/He should ask open questions, so that a dialogue and not a monologue can arise! The usual thing is to bombard the potential customer by presenting the product without having understood if he really cares or if he spent time just because we "forced" him to.
  3. After sales service. Most salespersons feel that winning a sale means the job is done. Huge mistake!!! After the sale, you retain the customer with the service you will provide him. Also, with the right service you have many chances to win other customers-partners. Besides, the happy customer will tell one, while the dissatisfied will say it to 10!

And let's not forget that:

  • Every customer is different
  • We can't win all customers
  • Customers 'buy' the salespersons first and then the product

Lastly, I would like to mention that a good salesperson in combination with a good product (see Up Hellas 😊) brings the best possible results!!!

By Stella Steka, Account Manager of our super team!

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