The first business journey - A personal experience by Nefeli

28 April 2022Up Stories
 The first work trip - A personal experience from Nefeli

I remember being asked from a young age what I want to be when I grow up and changing my answer every week with my biggest dilemma being between an astronaut and a hairdresser. This indecision followed me for years until I had to settle down. I had just taken exams and the deadline for choosing a university was expiring in 2 days, while I was still in a dilemma, a little more specific than the hairdresser-astronaut.

So, almost by accident, I chose a university that would lead me to Athens. Moving from village to such a big city was a challenge. New people, new goals. The next big change would be the transition from student life to professional life, especially in a world with which I personally have never had any contact. You see, in the village there are not many companies that allow you to come into a first contact with this world. So, for me, working in a company is what I've only seen in movies, with strict managers, intense competition and exhaustive working conditions.

Getting to know Up

When, quite by accident again, I was offered to go through an interview to join Up Hellas, for a part-time and assistive position, I hesitated a little. On the one hand, I knew I wanted to take a first step in this direction, but at the same time I had some doubts about how well I could be able to integrate into this new environment. Eventually, I decided to put aside the hesitations and, as it turned out along the way, it was one of the most decisive choices for the development of both my professional and personal life in general.

First day at work and the environment I saw was familial, open, with supportive and communicative people. They welcomed me warmly and rewarded my efforts with genuine appreciation for me. Every day I have seen efforts being made to establish bonds within the group through many different activities. My first real picture was completely different from what I expected and changed my perception of what a corporate, work environment is all about.

The outcome?

Over three years later, having gone through different departments of Up and having seen how it works from different positions, I feel like I'm at home.

I believe in luck but I don't believe it defines us. I accidentally entered the world of Up and tried as much as I could to prove my worth, but also to show my potential in the company, and they appreciated me and gave me opportunities. What seemed so distant to me became my everyday life.

By Nefeli Kondyli, the youngest professional of our super team!

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