The Negotiation in our Life - Thoughts of Thodoris

12 June 2023Up Stories
 Negotiations in our Life - The thoughts of Theodoris

The negotiation, I would say, is primarily communication. Without communication, there is no negotiation. Since we communicate daily with those around us, we engage in frequent negotiations, small or large, significant and less significant, simple and complex. We all negotiate. Of course, in certain professional fields, negotiations are more intense and are part of the work almost on a daily basis. This is why all of us try to develop the techniques, organization, and skills of the negotiator through training.

The most challenging negotiations I have experienced are with my closest people. With people with whom we have deep and strong emotions, we are very vulnerable, accommodating, with reduced defenses and great empathy. We negotiate with the main goal in mind to see the other side's big smile at the end, rather than necessarily agreeing with our proposal. Based on the above, we usually achieve what we ask for, with great smiles of success. In these cases, we are probably all winners.

What is success in a negotiation? Is it to win it all? To have the other party agree with you on everything? Is that a successful negotiation?

Many years ago, I would have easily answered with a big YES. Today, after many years of negotiations due to work, I would say no. Starting a negotiation, the goal is to reach an agreement. Think about how big a failure it is, for example, not to end up agreeing on the destination for a vacation and end up staying at home. So, in every negotiation, there is the possibility of complete failure. In this case, everyone is a loser. Even in such an outcome, however, we should identify our wrong moves to avoid them in our next communication.

However, when reaching an agreement, which is our main goal, we must be sure that both parties feel satisfied. I have experienced several times during my career closing an agreement where the other party had accepted almost everything I proposed. However, in less than a year, I lost the client. The joy and success at that time lasted briefly and were expected when you have convinced the other side to accept almost all the terms of your proposal. I have also experienced the exact opposite: leaving an agreement having accepted all the terms the client wanted. Even this collaboration did not last long. Let's not forget that the human factor, emotions, and empathy affect not only the negotiation and the agreement but also the course of the collaboration.

Therefore, you negotiate with the aim of reaching a balanced agreement where everyone leaves the table with a sense of satisfaction. Winners to a lesser or greater extent, but winners! This can be achieved when you are prepared to give as well.

For the preparation of the negotiation, the techniques, and the development of skills, there are many educational programs that help in the growth of all of us. Up Hellas believes in and invests in the development of its people, which is why it organizes training sessions that offer knowledge that is useful not only in our work but also in our daily negotiations and communications.

By Theodoros Siamos, Key Account Manager of our team.

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