Up Gift will make your employee performance go Up

28 September 2022About us

Over the past several years, companies have been arguing that it's their people who make the difference. But how many companies truly believe this? We believe only those who show their support in practice and return this recognition with privileges!

So, let’s take it from the beginning. The employees of a company are the ones who make the difference and help it significantly in its development. For the employees to work with enhanced effort, self-confidence and high productivity, they need motivation. Motivated employees are more satisfied with their work and show that they can easily adopt changes, while at the same time showing high performance. Therefore, since you recognize that your people are a key ingredient for success, it's time to think about how to motivate them.

The most common and well-known motive is meal cards or meal vouchers, as they’re often called. Our meal vouchers, the famous Cheque Dejeuner, are accepted in more than 5.000 food selling shops in Greece. There are many companies in the recent years that have been providing benefits to their employees benefits in order to create incentives for them, such as coupons and vouchers and various other benefits related to restaurants and selected businesses. The downside, however, is that they give limited opportunities for employees.

The Up Gift card by Up Hellas works in addition to the meal card and is the perfect solution for the employers.

The card is available and can be used by employees for all purchases without any restriction, in restaurants, shopping malls, supermarkets, gas stations and many more. The employee can use his/her Up Gift card to make payments just like his/her debit card. Essentially, it's like they have money for gas, clothing and anything else they can think of. With Up Gift the options aren’t just specific stores as it’s usually common, but unlimited options which makes a difference.

There is also the ability to manage the card through our mobile phone on the Up Hellas app, which is friendly-to-use and simple. On the app we can see our balance, while we can make contactless payments using Google Pay and Apple Pay. At the same time, there’s our online platform (Business Portal) in which we can order and load cards, as well as receive detailed reports.

The Up Gift card is designed with impeccable aesthetics and meets the needs of even the most demanding people. Employees who will have it will definitely be happy, as they’ll be able to put gas in their car and shop their favorite cosmetics and products with it.

We conclude that it’s the most advantageous option that employers should take into account for their staff. The Up Gift card and its benefits have been designed with great innovation. This is why there’s the ability to get rewarded when transactions are made. The only thing to do is find the HeroCorp partners on the app and every time you make purchases in one of these stores, you will get instant cashback to your card again!

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