Up Stories - Trip in Kalavrita🚌

1 February 2022Up Stories
Up Stories - Trip to Kalavryta

Together we will start a new series of articles- blogs that will be based mainly on group activities that we do as Up Hellas. So I decided to call them Up Stories and I'm very happy for this 😀

Let the Up Stories begin... 🚀

At Up Hellas, quite often we do team-building activities. Yes, those that help companies to develop team spirit, effective collaboration, to create strong teams, to build stronger relationships between employees and the company and so much more. But still many companies in our country see those activities as something distant and modern that takes place only abroad. I won't say anything further so we can go right away to the best part!

It was about early December when Bastien Agnes, Managing Director of Up Hellas, announced that in mid-January, an awesome 3-day event full of activities, fun, playtime, presentations and workshops, was ahead. The only thing we knew about this event was only a photo . The rest is surprise!!! 😮

However, "Diomedes", who appeared in the middle of the month, had other plans and finally did not allow us to get there as access was impossible due to the snow. ☃☃

But the difficulties can not scare us, so at that moment started another unique three-day event. Instantly, Matoula Papadoliopoulou, Office Manager of UP, the very next day organized a workshop at NJV Athens Plaza, in order to make the presentations, to present the results of the previous year and the goals of the next one. The ''vasilopita'' was in the center of interest and the winner won an excursion to a hotel in Limni Plastira. We spent a busy day with several presentations, discussions and planning of actions. Ahhh not to forget, and with enough food.

And of course, we did not stay there as management announced us a two-day trip in a new secret location. 😎

The excitement was huge and we were all looking forward to our excursion. The day of the trip arrived and we met early in the morning to take our bus for our departure to the unknown. As time was passing by, there were bets and whispers about the location. After 2 hours on the road, the plates with the indication ''Kalavryta''' began to appear more and more on the road, something that brought to all of us wide smiles. Going up to Kalavryta, the question arisen was who was so adventurous to go skiing and who would enjoy the comforts of the chalet. Even though that I am a sea person, I could not resist testing my skiing skills and that's why the decision was easy. ⛷️

We took our equipment and after arriving at the ski resort we separated to those who would go to the chalet and those who would suffer from the pain the next day...........

So I did ski lesson for the first time and I can say that it went great as the falls fortunately were not many. The hours passed joking and teasing each other, which certainly brought us all closer together.

After our activities were over, we went back to our bus with destination our hotel. We went in our rooms - which had excellent beds by the way - and then we had free time until the evening meal. Our free time included rest and then a walk in the streets of Kalavryta which were filled with our voices and our laughs. Our walk with colleagues who in everyday life in the office may not have the opportunity to come together, was one of the moments that brought us close and created strong relationships between colleagues.

After we went for a walk and bought our souvenirs, it was time for food. We spent two beautiful hours in a restaurant , we all became a group together and our laughs were everywhere in the room. The food brings people closer, now I think it is true! !! After a busy day, we returned to our rooms for rest.

We woke up in the morning and we took a special breakfast to start the day dynamically and then we gathered in the event hall. Presentations from various departments of the company and workshops had their honor. During the workshops, we were divided into groups and each one of us worked on a different topic. But the most important thing was that we all worked on important issues for the company in order to make decisions. When a company gives the opportunity to employees to take part in decisions, increases their trust and their bonds with the company. Some of us worked in the room, some on the couches, some on the floor and some in nearby cafes. But the most important thing is that we all worked with fun and joy as it suits in teams like ours.

Last station for food and then we had the difficult way back. Difficult not because of the cold weather, but due to our separation. Because after a two-day trip full of fun, work and activities , people started to become friends and this team building activity made us a "family".

The "family" of Up Hellas !!!

By Manolis Tsistrakis, Business Developer of our super team!

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