UpFit – the corporate solution that completes the benefits of employees

13 December 2022Up Stories
UpFit - the corporate membership

8 hours in the office chair, 2 hours in the driver's seat, 1 hour watching Wednesday, 6 hours of sleep without moving from exhaustion... Reasonably you wake up tired every day. Maybe even with a bruise if your phone has fallen on your face while watching Netflix with your eyes closed.

Same goes for us, until we said enough! Something must change. Being members in a gym isn’t enough, we should also go to the gym. We brainstormed and you know... There were many opinions, we all had a different one. We gathered them all and came to the conclusion that it’s more convenient to go to a gym near the office when Kifissias Avenue is busy, more convenient to go to the gym next to your house when it’s a work-from-home day, more convenient when your exercise is a corporate benefit (wink face here because they say emojis aren’t welcome in articles) and certainly more convenient to have somewhere near you a gym ready to welcome you with our simple application UpFit! You download it, scan the QR code in the gym of your neighborhood, downtown or Ano Rachoula and you’re in!

What is UpFit?

It’s a corporate wellness and sports membership that gives you access to a huge network of sports venues and activities. What did you think? What did you think? What else are they going to think at Up Hellas!!! What else is there to think about besides you? Do you know why we created it? Keep reading.

Why we created UpFit?

  • Back pain is one of the 5 biggest common health problems that affect work performance.
  • 42% of employees complain of work-related back pain.
  • Almost 75% of people suffer from back pain, between moderate and severe.

So, UpFit is a win-win corporate benefit or, in other words, a two-way victory because your employer cares that your back doesn't hurt and you care about the saved money. That's how we thought about it and apparently you expected it from us because the first reaction was: “It goes without saying that we want UpFit in the benefits we give to our employees, tell me that the network includes Terpsithea and Liosia, although it would also be convenient to have Petroupoli or Agios Stefanos".

Why UpFit is the new black?

Because what is there to do with the Up Gift card if you don't get on your feet to go shopping? What to do with the goforEat card if all you do is eat and not exercise? What΄s the purpose of Up Holidays if the only thing that relaxes you is the bed? UpFit is the corporate solution that will make you enjoy all your corporate benefits because it essentially makes you enjoy your life. It’s the membership that brings back the lost well-being to your body and spirit. UpFit is a corporate sports and wellness solution that will complete your corporate benefits.

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