Nutritional tips from Ilias Asimakopoulos and UpFit

15 May 2020UpFit

After so many days at home, we finally begin to gradually return to a new normality. Many of us have been eating a little more than usual lately! That’s why we decided to ask for dietary advice from a specialist so that we will be ready as summer is fast approaching 😎☀️

Ilias Asimakopoulos, Trainer - Graduate of Physical Education, is with us once more, this time to answer all our nutritional questions.

You can follow the exercise at home workout that Ilias shared with us on UpFit's Facebook page and follow him on Instagram!

What advice would you give us for a balanced diet?

Tip: First you need to clarify what your goal is… Do not succumb to emotional obesity! Don't cover emotional gaps with food. It is wrong, on the one hand, it doesn't offer anything positive to your health, on the other hand in the battle (with your mind) you will always lose ... Win this battle, first of all, for your health. Create a schedule and follow it. Don't push your mind with thoughts about food that if you think about it, you don't need to have it!

Which foods are essential and which ones should be avoided?

Depending on what your daily routine is, your diet should be balanced and meet your needs! The goal of nutrition is to meet the body's need for energy. You need to learn about your body, how many calories you need in rest, as well as how many in exercise BMR / AMR (Basal Metabolic Rate / Active Metabolic Rate). Don't overeat foods that are difficult to metabolize. Choose the right balance between protein / carbohydrates / fats. Don't forget, all of the above is needed! If you need a so-called snack, choose foods that have high biological nutritional value and prepare your homemade super snack yourself!

Many of us eat a lot these days that we are staying in quite a lot and we do not exercise as much as before. What advice would you have to give us to avoid gaining weight?

A question. Is it right or wrong to eat a lot at home? You obviously already know the answer… Still, why not exercise? No, I don't mean training… There are so many activities at home (I mean our daily chores) to do! Don't procrastinate! Never!

At that moment you activate your metabolism and it "burns" calories. Moreover, that way you have a clean and tidy space! Your home is your space and it should always calm you down and make you happy. If that doesn't happen, then there is something you are not doing right (and don’t take it personally)!

After all these days and especially after Easter many of us are thinking of following a detox diet. What is your opinion on this?

The logic behind these thoughts is wrong here… What do I mean? Why after Easter? And why detox? Do you really know what that means? If you are waiting for the time after any period, then you are automatically procrastinating… And yes, then you don't have a good chance of achieving your goals. However, if you want to make a really new beginning regarding your health, then I recommend that you don't start with exaggerations. Set small goals that can be easily achieved. Then your mind will lock in a new habit that is positive for your health. This is the same as losing weight after the Easter period! Small and simple goals each time (the key to success) !

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