Why and how to incorporate exercise in your daily routine

28 March 2022Fitness Tips
Why and how to include exercise in your daily life?

"I don't have time to exercise", "I don't like the gym", "I start and give up quickly", "I have a lack of concentration and energy", "My back and neck hurt", "I have a lot of stress"

Most of us have said some of the above at some point in our lives. But if you want to see a difference, do something differently...

It is no coincidence that there have been many studies confirming that regular exercise improves dramatically our physical and mental performance in our daily and professional life and boosts our mood.

So, let's leave the excuses aside and see how we can benefit from a few minutes of exercise in our day.

I have a lack of concentration and energy.

Exercising increases one's energy and improves concentration, productivity and memory clarity. Why is that? Due to the improvement of blood flow to the brain and the production of endorphins, also known as the body's natural painkiller, which help to eliminate toxins and reduce stress.

My back and neck hurt.

Still, exercising creates a stronger immune system and reduces injuries. The stronger our musculoskeletal system is, the better it supports the joints and body weight and reduces the chances of pain or injury. It retains the correct posture and movement whether it is a sedentary long-term work, or heavy or manual work with standing.

I don't like the gym.

Many confuse exercise with the gym, so they reject it. However, exercise can be a sport, movement, dancing, windsurfing, walking. The key is to find what suits and pleases everyone. Because by practicing in various activities, such as team sports like football or volleyball, dance lessons or even hiking, you develop communication and social contacts. You will meet a different social circle and have fun. Exercising should not be something boring or lonely.

I don't have time to exercise.

It doesn't have to be a long workout or intense exercise to benefit. Half an hour of moderate aerobic exercise or strength training is enough to see a difference in your performance.

30 minutes of exercise before work help the body to fill energy or 30 minutes after work help the mind to clear and get rid of the tension of the day.

I start and give up quickly.

Success is hidden in smaller goals than we imagine. To build a new habit it takes 21 days. The secret is to set small and achievable goals so that we can meet them. At any beginning, excessive and long-term goals are difficult to maintain. You will get tired, you will be in pain, your body will get sore, you will miss the habits you stopped during this time and so you will quit, as abruptly as you started.

So, start gradually. Set an initial goal of half an hour of exercise 2 times a week. The next week, increase it to 3 times. The goal is to supervise yourself that you abide by it and reward you for it. Give your body time to adapt and strengthen and keep some of your habits at the same time.

After you see the results you wanted, it becomes a desire and a habit.

The solution?

Because there won't always be the primary motivation, you must find the discipline and perseverance to keep the program you created, even if you lost the pounds you targeted or the pain in the back feels better.

Let exercise be part of your life and get ready to see your physical health, your performance at work, your psychology and your mood change!

By Helena Bauten, UpFit Project Manager of our super team!

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