Why learn foreign languages - Apostolis' advice

10 November 2022Up Stories
Why learn foreign languages

In the age of globalization and convenient transportation of people, the role of foreign languages is particularly important as language is used in every area of human activity such as studies, technology, communication, business, art, travel. But often one question arises; why should I learn a foreign language?

As the American writer Rita Mae Brown has said, language is the road map of culture. It says a lot about where people come from and where they’re going. Learning a foreign language gives access to a different culture and worldview that you might not have imagined until then. Once you learn a new language, you become part of a new culture yourself. You begin to notice the way people communicate and behave, as well as the phrases they use. You discover their values and ideals, their experiences as well as the distinct traditions of each culture. Thus, you can broaden the horizons of your mind, overcome your misgivings and prejudices, and gain a new sense of appreciation, acceptance and respect towards people of other nationalities.

Moreover, nowadays the world is constantly changing, and the level of competitiveness is constantly increasing regardless of the sector. Knowledge of one or more foreign languages is often considered as a prerequisite for any career opportunity. Effective communication in languages other than your mother tongue makes you a valuable partner in any professional environment. Also, the very process of learning the foreign language helps to develop communication skills, the ability to solve problems and creativity, characteristics necessary for professional development.

Another area where learning a foreign language is very important is traveling. A lot of people like to travel and explore new places all over the world. When you know foreign languages, you also have the opportunity for more comfortable and fun trips abroad. You can visit countries that interest you and communicate in a foreign language with the locals, listening to the pronunciation and vocabulary they use in their daily lives. This way, you can also better understand the differences they may have.


Learning and using foreign languages has a positive impact on speakers in terms of their personality, way of thinking, professional skills and even their own way of life. Knowledge has no limits, no age. So, feel free to learn a foreign language or encourage your loved ones to do so when they want to.

By Apostolis Sklavenas, Account Manager of our super team!

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