Women & Leadership

21 June 2023Women & Leadership
Women & Leadership

In recent years, women have increasingly been emerging and taking on leadership roles in the business world. While gender discrimination used to be evident in many markets, especially in traditionally male-dominated sectors such as technology and finance, more and more women are being appointed to leadership positions in both large and small companies, regardless of the industry.

Women in leadership positions have proven to be valuable assets for their companies. They bring a different perspective to decision-making and are often able to relate to a wider range of clients and collaborators. Studies have shown that companies with a more diverse management team are more profitable and have better overall performance.

However, there are still obstacles for women in leadership roles. Women continue to be a minority in these positions and often have to work harder to prove their worth to their colleagues and clients. Many women face a "gender bias tax" where they are expected to work harder and perform better simply because of their gender.

Despite these challenges, the rise of women in leadership roles is a promising trend. As more and more women continue to break through the glass ceiling, the business world will become more inclusive and diverse. We must work to eliminate the barriers that many women still face and promote a culture that appreciates the contribution of women to the success of businesses.

Companies that recognize the talent, potential, and values of an employee for a managerial position, regardless of their gender, not only deserve recognition from the professional world but also gain the dedication of their employees.

It is invaluable to be part of a company/team that recognizes the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace and creates a culture that appreciates and encourages the contribution of all team members, regardless of their gender.

Real fact: 50% of our management team is composed of women, and we are very proud of that!

By Andriana Vossou, Partners Sales Manager of our team.👏

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