World Tourism Day – Maria’s tips

27 September 2022Up Stories
World Tourism Day – Maria’s tips

We live in a country in which tourism is its heavy industry, it’s the main support pillar for the Greek economy, since Greece provides many types of tourism, for summer or winter excursions. September 27, therefore, has been established by the UN as the World Tourism Day, which explains why I’ll take the opportunity to talk about such an important day worldwide.

A few words for the World Tourism Day

World Tourism Day is honored every year, as we said above, on September 27 with festivities organized by the UNWTO-United Nations World Tourism Organization. The purpose of the Organization is to raise awareness among the global community about the value of tourism in society, culture, politics and economy. It is, therefore, an excellent day to appreciate the value of getaways to destinations near or far that offer another quality to our lives.

Tourism as a complex business activity in Greece

In Greece, a huge industry has been set up around tourism that includes many business activities such as hotels, restaurants, transport companies (airports, ships, land transport, etc.), travel agencies, souvenir businesses and many other commercial activities, which provide thousands of jobs.

In addition, we maintain and protect our national heritage by hiring trained staff and upgrading the infrastructure, resulting in a significant improvement in the standard of living of the country's citizens. All this has helped to develop new forms of tourism and to be considered as a country that has tourism throughout the year and not only during the summer period.

Greek tourism, according to Mr. Andreas Andreadis, President of SETE, remains the active sector of entrepreneurship in Greece, which can immediately give tangible results for the uplift of the Greek economy. Through the process of self-regulation that we steadily promote in the consolidation, education, promotion and quality of services offered, we can lead the Greek society to the realization that tourism is the future of the country.

Let's look at some forms of tourism

Now we’ll talk about the forms of tourism and especially about those that are most widespread in our country. Each form includes elements that differ from classical tourism. A new philosophy that in recent years is quite widespread in our country is Alternative Tourism. This includes categories different from the usual ones, for example Agrotourism which develops in rural areas, and Medical Tourism, an activity of great importance, not only for the tourism economy, but also for the national one. Also, Religious Tourism which concerns visits to byzantine monuments, churches and monasteries of our country, but also Educational Tourism for people who come to acquire knowledge and experiences. And of course, the Classic Tourism that concerns holidays on our islands and seaside resorts, and is mostly widespread mainly during the summer months, not only for visitors coming from abroad, but also for us who live in Greece.

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By Maria Kallila, Partner Coordinator of our super team!

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