Herocorp, just like Santa Claus

12 April 2022HeroCorp
Herocorp by Go for EAT

HeroCorp does something unique! The more money you spend, the more money is added to your account! You could call it your dad or Santa Claus or even tooth fairy! For us, Up Hellas, is just HeroCorp. For HR managers it is the ultimate employee engagement solution.

Do you want us to explain how it works? Don't expect to get excited about an idea that will take effort to be understood, usually the best ideas are the incredibly simple ones. HeroCorp is an extremely simple idea that will win you over from the very first moment. By making your purchases from selected merchants, you receive the corresponding reward. Every day more and more merchants follow HeroCorp, so you have even more options to enjoy your purchases.

Up Hellas

HeroCorp was created by Up Hellas (this is we), which designs and implements digital corporate privileges that transform the experience in the workplace. It is the first company (we like firsts and we have several ones, ask to find out more) to issue a meal voucher that offers an immediate refund to its cardholders.

Cashback on every purchase

Every time a user makes purchases from a HeroCorp partner, he receives an instant cashback directly to his account. HeroCorp is the instant cashback solution, as everything is measurable, proven and included in the sent reports. The more purchases you make from Up Hellas affiliated stores, the more benefit you will get. It is significant that the reward can exceed 132 euros per year!

The benefits

HeroCorp users enjoy all the following benefits:

  • Direct access to all selected merchants that offer a cashback, by simply clicking on the HeroCorp HC icon of the app
  • Immediate information on the amount of the cashback of each trading partner
  • Direct access to the map with all HeroCorp spots and all the information about each store (phone, social media, business site, logo)
  • Wide variety of well-known partners and great range of shops for all tastes and for every hour of the day (supermarkets, cafés, restaurants, pizza, souvlaki, grocery stores, butcher shops, bakeries, e-shops)
  • Targeted campaigns for all users and for each company, depending on location and preferences

The app

The application includes many attributes and features such as immediate notification of each new commercial partner that joins the rewards program, immediate notification every time the user purchases with his card, direct credit of the cashback to the balance of the user's account, daily update of the total cashback and much more. In general, we are extremely direct as well as incomparable!

Join the program

The reward method offered by HeroCorp has ranked it high in the preferences of users and continues to grow with great speed and offer money to everyone! Join the HeroCorp reward program and start shopping! The truth is that if you have come this far by reading the whole article then you know that you have no reason to wait any longer, you know that you want this reward program yesterday! We are waiting for you if you haven't already called us.

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